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24 Hour Customer Service Agents in the US

24 Hour Customer Service Agents in the US

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Our US-based customer service agents are available for your renters 24 hours a day. To do this, we will create an office number dedicated to your business in an area code of your choice. Once that number is established, you can also connect your existing phone line to our answering service. Our Customer Service Agents will be able to filter the calls coming into your business. Avoid spam and sales calls, send rental applicants to your sales team, payments to your accounting team, and emergencies to operations. Additionally, have our receptionists answer the questions your tenants commonly need answers to like rental policies for interior modifications, property locations, and surcharges/late fees. You define the hours that calls can be connected to your team members. When you are unavailable, you can select to receive your clients' messages instantly via text or email.

Elevate your properties with professional receptionists on-call for your tenants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This subscription includes 600 minutes per month of calls with Roar Group receptionists, after which each minute will be an additional $1.75. If your business receives a thousand or more per month, please connect with a Roar Group consultant to work out a specialized solution for enterprise needs, rather than signing up here. 


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